Our Philosophy

World – is a system of Opportunities

Opportunities consists the basis of development, and development is a sense of life for every single person. Opportunities are not the sum of results, but tasks, that we should solve. As more difficult tasks we solve as greater results we get. The sum of our results is our successes. As more complicated task we solve as more successful we become. The way to successes depends on what opportunities the person is ready to solve.

        Meat Ideal Group – the company of maximal opportunities.

Company “Meat Ideal Group” is made as a new type of organization structure, that combines inside of itself various idea of commercial development based on modern business technologies.  In fact it is a universal model that allows using best international business option with a maximal efficiency in every local level. 

Our Goals

To increase the quality of products and downcast the production process for meat industry

To develop our own line of products, that should better than existing

To create efficient international system of cooperation

Our Tasks

Always get positive result for the client as a result of supplying goods and making services. 

Be able to propose the best price and best quality of goods.

To take part in development of new products and machines.

To improve the newest technologies on the market.

To involve the best professionals for solving the most complicated tasks.

To develop logistics 

Main departments

Packaging materials
Machinery and Service
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