Viscoflex is the best solution which guarantees the perfect shape and attractive appearance for cooked and steamed meat products.



  • Attractive look
  • High mechanical strength
  • Variety of shapes
  • Closure: clipping machine or tie-handed
  • Individual prints
  • Easy peeling
  • Excellent sanitary than natural casing
  • Shelf life is longer than natural casing
  • Minimal weight loss

Shapes, colours and print

  •  Casing  VISCOFLEX is available as the sleeve of calibers 40 – 200 mm and width up to 200mm. Depending on individual customer`s request the casing can be produced in different shapes;

Casing  VISCOFLEX can be produced in more than 20 colours. It is possible to produce the casing in other colours according to customer requests. Printing up to 4 colours. Each type of the casing can be in different sizes depending on filling level.

Additional options


Colourful seams and decorative net on the surface of the casing are an effective way to reinforce style of your meat product. A textile casing with decorative net imitating traditional linen tying gives the product a classic and natural appearance. This is a proposal for producers who want to offer their traditional meat products in an unusual packaging.


 A casing with chicken skin effect. It is used for all kinds of cooked sausages, in particular for poultry products. The chicken skin texture can be applied on fabric in every colour from our offer.


Original label – where we can place the manufacturer’s logo or other design – is a new way to improve the recognition of the product and attract consumer attention.