Casing transferring spices SPATEX

SPATEX is an innovative solution combined purely easy application.      SPATEX casing is available in the forms of casing, sheets and textile rolls coated with spices and blended herbs.

Two major Spatex groups:

  • SPATEX NCS is used for cooked and scalded products such as cooked hams, pâtés and gelatin products.
  • SPATEX VSC is designed for maturing products like salami.


  • Uniform even transfer
  • Lots of spices and coatings
  • Excellent solution for sliced products
  • Original look of ready product
  • Optimization of the coating process

Forms and sizes


Single side clipped casings of a diameter from ø45 to ø160 mm and a length of 35 to 110 cm. Casings up to 50 cm have an inlet collar 10 cm long, whereas the casings longer than 50 cm have a collar of 15 cm.


Sleeves up to 3 m and a caliber 65mm-160mm. Available only as SPATEX NCS (on nonwoven base).


Square or rectangular SPATEX NCS sheets (nonwoven) . This product is available in sizes from 15 cm to 70 cm.

  • ROLLS –

SPATEX NCS (nonwoven) rolls on a carton tube with length  5-30m.  Roll width can be 30-50 cm.

Photos of a ready product: